Wallsend South

Wallsend South OOSH is an Australian Children's Education and Care Quality childcare centre.

Wallsend South OOSH is run out of a hall in Wallsend South Public School for vacation care. This meaning when planning our vacation care program, we firstly request children, educator, and family input. After this the Coordinator will collate all parties input and current interests to plan the holidays. They will then follow through by utilising our local community businesses where possible for incursions and excursions.

Wallsend South OOSH strives to meet our moto of ‘Fun, Friends and Learning’, as we believe our program aims to create an inclusive environment that nurtures children’s development through life skills and views children’s play as one of the key foundations for a more meaningful way of learning. Our program allows for structured and non-structured experiences and play, offering flexibility for children to pursue their own goals as well as intentional teaching and planned learning opportunities. The flexibility allows educators to be involved in scaffolding the children’s learning and to guide their development, as well as being able to observe from afar and watch as new skills and interests arise.

We offer a variety of options to cater for high energy needs including running, climbing, ball games and music, as well as opportunities for more mindful and low energy activities such as yoga, reading, sensory experiences and small group experiences. We aim to be very inclusive to all cultural backgrounds through cultural experiences and crafts, requesting information from families, including families in our program, and offering variety of literature that represents the diversity of our community. We understand that all children have various levels of mobility. Therefore, we will always meet the needs of each specific child by offering alternate experiences to ensure they never feel isolated.

Wallsend South OOSH Winter 2021 Vacation Care

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Wallsend South OOSH Enrolment Information

To enrol your child in Wallsend South OOSH please find all the information including enrolment forms, pricing, parent handbook and our policies below.

Please keep in mind spaces are limited and we follow government guidelines towards priority of access:

  • Priority 1: A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
  • Priority 2: Sole parent or both parents working, seeking work, or studying.
  • Priority 3: Parents/Carers not working.

It is a legal requirement that Wallsend South OOSH follow this policy. Additional enrolments will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Enrolment Forms

To enrol your child at Wallsend South OOSH, please return the below forms to the service.

Returning Children

If you are looking at re-enrolling your child at Wallsend South OOSH please use the following forms


View the Wallsend South OOSH pricing and access the pricing policy and debit success form.

Our Philosophy

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Parent Handbook

To download the parent handbook for Wallsend South OOSH please click the link below

Medication Policy

New Medication Permission Form and Policy

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Wallsend South Public-School Hall
16 Smith Rd
Elermore Vale NSW 2287


Mobile: 0419 290 528

Monday to Friday

Vacation care:  7:00am – 6:00pm

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